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The ultimate choice for large websites, showcases and blogs, Vibe CMS websites are platforms for doing serious business online. Built onto the world's most comprehensive and powerful Content Management System, they offer complete control, and power through search engines like no other.

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Big, Powerful and Truly Unlimited

The Vibe CMS Website is a serious package for successful websites. Take everything about a Vibe Professional site, build it onto the world's most powerful Content Management System and fire it to the top of the search engines, and you have our CMS Website.


  • Full Content Management - built onto Joomla K2 to manage pages, menus, text, categories images, blogs, news and more
  • Natural Search Engine strength due to a highly optimised structure
  • No size limits. None. Zero. It's yours to make it as huge as you want.*
  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Every standard enhancement at no extra charge
CMS Pay Monthly Website

This is all in addition to the standard Vibe Professional features, including:

  • Free hosting
  • Free support
  • No upfront fee
  • No contract
  • Complete social media integration
  • Free domain registration
  • A Free complete website redesign and rebuild after 3 years
  • Free Search Engine Optimisation checks every month

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*Exceptionally large websites or traffic levels may require a charge for hosting

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Pay monthly CMS website


All Vibe Professional sites come with your choice of any 3 Enhancements plus 1 Premium Enhancement, totally free. You can add any number of enhancements you like, or add them all for $20+VAT per month (known as the Premium Pack) for the fully loaded Vibe Premium package!

All Vibe CMS Expert and Ecommerce websites come with all standard and major enhancements free of charge.

(Free for CMS & Ecommerce websites)

  • Tab box content selectors
  • Fading Gallery
  • Sliding gallery
  • Selectable picture gallery
  • Facebook feed & "Like" button
  • "Lightbox" smooth pop-up images
  • Twitter feed
  • Email capture (EG newsletter subscription)
  • Randomised adverts & images
  • Enhanced navigation menus
  • Video embedding
  • Custom Scroll bars
  • Additional 5 page pack
  • Additional email address

Major Enhancements
(Free for CMS & Ecommerce websites)

  • External blog feed
  • Chat window system
  • Audio embedding
  • Paypal "Make a Payment" function
  • Monthly gallery changes
  • Additional 20 page pack
  • Additional 5 email addresses
  • Advanced enquiry & quote forms (including picture & file submissions)

Special Features ($10/month)

We can also include some very premium features with any Vibe site, including:

Switchable Themes - If you want to really make your website stand out, we can include a theme selector to let your visitors change which version of their site they are viewing. We've done mood selectors for lingerie websites, intensity selectors for fitness websites and blue & pink theme selectors for baby party websites - the possibilities are endless and the results are magnificent!

Live Quote System - Do you want to let your visitors build a virtual quote for their purchase from you? Live Quote System allows you to include all of your standard services and prices online, and lets your customers build a quote on your website and save it for their own use. Visitors love really helpful features, and this is once of the best.

Search Engine Optimisation package

All Vibe websites highly optimised for Search Engine Performance. If you really want your website to soar, check out our SEO packages - From $25/month we can help your website climb to the top and stay there, where it deserves to be.

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We know that getting a website is a big decision, so all our enquiries come through to developers, not salesmen. We don't chase, pester or try to convince you, just give you all the help you need to decide what's right for you.

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