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Why we always prefer email

Because we're human! It's frustrating when you struggle to reach a company by phone, which is why we are always at the end of the phone if you need us.

With that said, our development team works flat out designing, building and supporting websites, and we can't guarantee that the most effective person to help you will be available on the spot. Many websites are incredibly complicated to build, and need deep concentration for undisturbed periods. Break that concentration, and our work slows and costs our customers much more money.

Emails save time, always get handled by the most effective person for your enquiry, and mean we can be fully informed and prepared to answer accurately. We also handle a lot of enquiries every day with a lot of details being discussed, and if we need to remember phone calls, mistakes can be made. Therefore if you call us about your website, we'll always ask that you follow up with an email detailing everything you need, so that we have written instruction and can't miss anything.


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