The ultimate all-purpose website

From $59 a month with no contract or upfront fee, the Vibe Professional Website is the ultimate website. It's totally custom designed and built for you, hosted free, fully supported and will never let you down. If it's time for a professional image or your current website needs a new lease of life, the Vibe Professional Package is the smart choice for organisations of all kinds.

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Pay Monthly Professional Websites

The Vibe Professional Pay Monthly Website - taking Canada by storm with our unique way of providing your site:

  • No contract
  • No upfront fee
  • Totally custom designed
pay monthly website
...And typically just $59/month - nobody can beat it!

Every feature a modern website should have

All Vibe Professional sites come loaded with the features every quality professional website should have, as standard:

  • Complete bespoke styling, entirely to your liking
  • Social Media integration with icons and links
  • Up to 20 premium pages
  • Up to 5 professional email addresses
  • Free premium hosting with us
  • Free domain registration
  • Free Support for life
  • Free access to our supported Content Management System
  • Free SEO checks every month
  • A Free complete website redesign and rebuild after your site has been live for 3 years
professional website design

A Truly Professional Image

A professional website stands out from the crowd - a Vibe Professional Website soars above the best. Modern, professional and highly tailored, each Professional website is designed for you and built to succeed. No templates are used and attention to detail is minute.

Style and Substance in serious harmony

Vibe Professional websites are designed with a skilled graphical eye, but they are conceived and developed by business-minded experts. Websites don't exist purely to look cool - they are there to earn money. As your most important marketing tool, a website has to capture visitors and turn them into customers. That means conveying your message, promoting your services and products, in the most effective way possible. That's what a Vibe Professional Website does better than any other, and why the Vibe team are Canada's most valuable developers.

Guaranteed to perform well for you

Designed to save money and improve cashflow for businesses and organisations through our pay monthly method, these websites have evolved into the most effective websites available. By making them no contract with no upfront fee, these websites have to perform strongly for you. Otherwise, why would our customers stay with us?

Any website - whether it's for a business, club, individual, band, school, public organisation, charity or community - is there to be as effective as possible for helping your success. We understand that, it drives us, and with our website being no contract your website needs to be successful for us to keep you as a customer. Put all the pressure on us, and we'll make your website soar.

Manage your content

Every Professional Pay Monthly Website comes with our own endorsed Content Management System (CMS) built in. As soon as your website is live you'll be able to edit all of the text, images and links on your website's pages. This is your website, and we want you to be able to manage it within seconds and keep it perfect for you. For a CMS that allows you to add pages, menu items, post articles and generally manage everything about your website, take a look at our CMS Expert Packages >

Search Engine Strength from the word go

The mission of Search Engines worldwide is to reward good websites with quality content. That's why Wikipedia is so often at the top - it's useful, informative and works well in every environment. There aren't millions of links to it and it doesn't look fancy, but it's a great resource for web users. Google want all websites to contribute towards a better internet, so the best websites get rewarded. Vibe Websites look a lot prettier than Wikipedia but follow the same principal - to be as useful to the visitor as possible, to work flawlessly and be highly optimised from the moment they go live.

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All Vibe Professional sites come with your choice of any 3 Enhancements plus 1 Premium Enhancement, totally free. You can add any number of enhancements you like, or add them all for $20+HST per month (known as the Premium Pack) for the fully loaded Vibe Premium package!

All Vibe CMS Expert and Ecommerce websites come with all standard and major enhancements free of charge.

($2/month, free for CMS & Ecommerce websites)

  • Tab box content selectors
  • Fading Gallery
  • Sliding gallery
  • Selectable picture gallery
  • Facebook feed & "Like" button
  • "Lightbox" smooth pop-up images
  • Twitter feed
  • Email capture (EG newsletter subscription)
  • Randomised adverts & images
  • Enhanced navigation menus
  • Video embedding
  • Custom Scroll bars
  • Additional 5 page pack
  • Additional email address

Major Enhancements
($5/month, free for CMS & Ecommerce websites)

  • External blog feed
  • Chat window system
  • Audio embedding
  • Paypal "Make a Payment" function
  • Monthly gallery changes
  • Additional 20 page pack
  • Additional 5 email addresses
  • Advanced enquiry & quote forms (including picture & file submissions)

Special Features ($10/month)

We can also include some very premium features with any Vibe site, including:

Switchable Themes - If you want to really make your website stand out, we can include a theme selector to let your visitors change which version of their site they are viewing. We've done mood selectors for lingerie websites, intensity selectors for fitness websites and blue & pink theme selectors for baby party websites - the possibilities are endless and the results are magnificent!

Live Quote System - Do you want to let your visitors build a virtual quote for their purchase from you? Live Quote System allows you to include all of your standard services and prices online, and lets your customers build a quote on your website and save it for their own use. Visitors love really helpful features, and this is once of the best.

1 - The Visual

The first step is to design a visual representation of your Vibe website. There's no commitment at this stage - it's our chance to impress you. Don't be afraid to request anything - it can be done! You tell us everything you want from your website, and give us any guidance on how you would like it to look. Within 2 days we'll design a site and send it over as a web browser image, so it looks just like a live website.


With the first visual in hand, you can ask for any amendments you like. Layout, colour scheme, background, features - anything. We are here to make the website perfect for you, so tell us exactly how you want it, and we'll work at it until you are 100% happy.


Pay Monthly Website Design

A Vibe Website Visual

2 - The Build

Once you are happy for us to start building, we'll load our developers up with tea and begin. The build for a Professional site takes around 3 days, a CMS Expert site takes around 4 days and an Ecommerce site around 5.

During this time you'll have all you need to get in direct touch with the lead developer on your website. No call handling here - you get straight through to the developer in charge. We'll drop you updates by email during the build just to make sure you know where the site it at, and you'll be able to see the website as it's built. Again, during this time, feel free to request any amendments to the site's content and function.

Quality Checks

Towards the end of the build we put every sight through ruthless, rigorous quality checks. These make sure it looks lovely and works perfectly on every common browser and device, and will stay robust for years to come.

3 - Go-Live

When you are ready for the site to go live, and have sent through any content you want on the site, we'll put it live for you. This means transferring the site to your domain for the world to see, beaming your fantastic new site over the internet.

If you are using our hosting (free with your package) this just takes a few minutes. Other hosting can take longer, but we'll let you know at the time.


Welcome to Vibe

A Vibe Site doesn't end here! You are now a Vibe Customer, and you'll get all the benefits of being with us for the life of your Vibe site. These include:

  • Free & complete office hour support
  • Free access to premium hosting
  • A personal developer
  • Discounts on our SEO
  • Access to our referral scheme where you can make earn significant credit rewards for referring your friends to Vibe. Some of our customers refer so many people to us, they have never paid for their website!

... and in 36 months time, you'll get a brand new redesigned and rebuilt website for free, keeping you at the top!

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We know that getting a website is a big decision, so all our enquiries come through to developers, not salesmen. We don't chase, pester or try to convince you, just give you all the help you need to decide what's right for you.

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